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Bertie Lopez

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Although Berta Lopez (or Bertie, as she is known), retired from the El Paso Independent School District, as the Assistant Director of Mathematics, she has continued her passion of curriculum and instruction, with a focus on Mathematics. With 30 years of experience, Bertie has held positions in the mathematical field that have contributed to increased student achievement in the area of mathematics. These positions have included a math facilitator, a USP math mentor and as a mathematics consultant. Furthermore, she became a System Reform coordinator with the University of Texas at El Paso, where she worked with the three major school districts in El Paso and served as an instructional mentor for K-12 teachers. Afterwards, Bertie served as a Math/Science instructional officer for San Elizario ISD in El Paso. During her tenure with the El Paso Independent School District, she worked and provided support to the elementary instructional coaches on best practices, which yielded exemplary student achievement in mathematics for grades (3-5). In addition, she worked in collaboration with campus leadership teams and supported their knowledge of mathematics. This allowed them to support, provide feedback to teachers and implement a plan of success in mathematics. Bertie has also served as an assistant principal and an elementary teacher. She has a Masters of Education and holds a certification in Administration: K-12 Principalship. It is her vision to instill the love of mathematics with all stakeholders!