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Diane Flores

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Diane Flores has served in multiple capacities in the educational field for 29 years. Diane, recently retired from the Ysleta ISD in El Paso, Texas. Upon returning to Ysleta, Diane served as the Director of Elementary Education. She worked with campus leadership teams to grow their instructional knowledge, supervised the elementary academic team (in all core content areas), supervised the elementary instructional coaches and campus interventionists. In addition to this, Diane was responsible for the Elementary Gifted and Talented Program: requirements and curriculum, the Dyslexia Program (K-12) and the implementation of a district-wide Response to Intervention (Rti) program. Building capacity was always at the forefront of whatever Diane did and growing and empowering others with knowledge became her mantra. This ultimately led to having increased student achievement in the areas of Reading, Writing, Math and Science during her tenure.

She also served as the Director of Curriculum for Elementary in the Socorro ISD for (3) years. During her tenure there, she worked in a collaborative effort with the Assistant Superintendent of Elementary to create successful systems for Principals, Assistant Principals and instructional coaches to achieve high expectations of learning for themselves, their teachers and their students. During her tenure with SISD, student achievement increased in all content areas. Diane was also tasked with assisting campuses that fell short of AYP/TAIS expectations to support with effective practices and systems. Campuses that she assisted were successful, following the year of support.

Diane has also served in the capacity of Interim Principal, assistant principal, Dean of Instruction, Advanced Academic facilitator, Instructional Coach, Special Education & Elementary teacher.

She currently holds a certification in Administration, Elementary teacher, Special Education (K-12), Gifted and Talented Endorsement and is TTESS certified.