International Food Truck Adventure - Ages 10 to 14 Years Old - Stream Scholars Camps

International Food Truck Adventure - Ages 10 to 14 Years Old

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$ 849.00 / Per Class

Camp Times: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Dallas College Culinary Center

11830 Webb Chapel Rd #1200

Dallas, TX 75234

July 8 - 12 2024


Take Home BONUS

Every Child Receives:
- A Panini Sandwich Maker

- A Kitchen Utensil Set & A Display Board

- A Child Friendly Cookbook

- Chef Hat and Apron

I would enthusiastically recommend the culinary class at STREAM Scholars Summer Camp. My child came home every day buzzing with excitement about the dishes they prepared and the skills they learned.
Patricia Garcia

International Food Truck Adventure Camp for Kids

Age Range: 10 -14 Years Old

Course Description: Prepare for a delicious exploration at the International Food Truck Adventure Camp for Kids! This unique culinary camp invites young foodies aged 8-14 to embark on a flavorful journey through Mexico, Greece, Italy, and the United States—all from the comfort of our camp kitchen. Each day unfolds as a new adventure, where campers will dive into the vibrant cuisines and cultures of these diverse countries.

Course Highlights:

  • Global Gastronomic Tour: Experience the spicy aromas of Mexico, the fresh flavors of Greece, the rich tastes of Italy, and the comforting classics of the U.S. Each session is dedicated to exploring one country's culinary heritage.
  • Food Truck Immersion: Learn the ropes from expert food truck chefs who will mentor campers in the art of creating authentic international dishes, sharing their culinary secrets and passion for global cuisine.
  • Hands-On Cooking: From crafting tacos and gyros to making pasta and gourmet burgers, campers will actively participate in cooking, honing essential kitchen skills that they will use for a lifetime.
  • Cultural Exploration: Beyond cooking, campers will engage in activities that enhance their understanding of each country’s culture, including crafts, storytelling, music, and language learning.
  • Taste Testing and Judging: Develop a discerning palate with daily taste tests from each country's food truck, learning to assess and appreciate nuances in flavor, presentation, and creativity.

Daily Itinerary:

  • Monday: The Magic of Mexico – Tackle taco making and explore Mexican culture.
  • Tuesday: Grecian Delights – Craft gyros and delve into Mediterranean traditions.
  • Wednesday: Italian Indulgences – Prepare classic Italian pasta and learn about Italy's rich history.
  • Thursday: American Eats – Make gourmet burgers and discover the diversity of U.S. cuisine.
  • Friday: International Culinary Festival – Showcase skills in a mini food truck festival where family and friends can sample the delicious results.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Gain practical cooking skills and knowledge of international cuisine.
  2. Develop an appreciation for cultural diversity through culinary arts.

BONUS: Each camper will take home an International Chef’s Kit, which includes:

  • A Panini Press Grill and Gourmet Sandwich Maker to continue their culinary adventures.
  • A set of versatile kitchen utensils perfect for aspiring young chefs.
  • A child-friendly cookbook filled with recipes from around the world.
  • A chef’s hat and apron to wear during all their future cooking endeavors.

Enroll your child in the International Food Truck Adventure Camp for an unforgettable summer filled with cooking, culture, and creativity!