Titanic - The Mystery Solved - Ages 8 to 11 Years Old - Stream Scholars Camps

Titanic - The Mystery Solved - Ages 8 to 11 Years Old

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$ 849.00 / Per Class

Camp Times: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Hilton Garden Inn Dallas / Lewisville 

785 State Hwy 121 

Lewisville, TX 75067

Dates Available:
June 17 - 21 2024 July 8 - 12 2024


Take Home BONUS

Every Child Receives:
- A Titanic Model to Construct

- A VR Headset to View Videos About Titanic

  (Phone Not Included)

- A Child Friendly Titanic Book

- What Was the Titanic Book

I would enthusiastically recommend the culinary class at STREAM Scholars Summer Camp. My child came home every day buzzing with excitement about the dishes they prepared and the skills they learned.
Patricia Garcia

Titanic: The Mystery Solved

Age Range: Ages 8 - 11

Course Description: Embark on a historic adventure with the "Titanic: The Mystery Solved" camp! Designed for students ages 8 - 11, this camp dives into the intriguing history of the Titanic, exploring not only its tragic sinking but also the engineering marvels and societal norms of the early 20th century. Through a combination of detailed lessons, hands-on model building, and critical analysis, students will unravel the mysteries surrounding one of the most famous shipwrecks in history.

Course Highlights:

  • In-Depth Exploration of the Steam Room: Learn about the Titanic’s steam propulsion system, its design, and how its complexities may have contributed to the ship’s fate.
  • Recreation of Titanic’s Grandeur: Examine and recreate the luxurious interiors of the Titanic, understanding the era’s craftsmanship and design aesthetics.
  • Scientific Investigations: Conduct experiments and activities that explain the physics and engineering behind large maritime vessels.
  • Historical Context: Gain insights into the social and cultural aspects of the early 1900s, discussing the lives of the passengers aboard the Titanic.

Daily Activities:

  • Monday: Overview of the Titanic’s history and introduction to shipbuilding.
  • Tuesday: Study the steam room and engineering aspects of the ship.
  • Wednesday: Explore the societal norms and recreate cabin designs.
  • Thursday: Team model-building session focusing on the ship’s structure and layout.
  • Friday: Presentations of models and discussion on lessons learned; viewing of a documentary or guest speaker session on maritime history.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Develop a comprehensive understanding of the Titanic from a historical, technical, and social perspective.
  2. Enhance research skills and the ability to analyze historical data and artifacts.
  3. Improve teamwork and communication skills through collaborative projects and presentations.

Take Home Bonus:

  • DIY Titanic Model Kit: A detailed model kit of the Titanic for students to build at home, reinforcing engineering and design concepts learned at camp.
  • Titanic Book: A carefully selected book filled with facts, theories, and stories about the Titanic, perfect for further exploration and reading enjoyment.

Join us at "Titanic: The Mystery Solved" for a journey back in time to discover the secrets of the Titanic, develop critical thinking skills, and foster a lifelong interest in history and science!